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through enhanced neuroimaging

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A transformational medical imaging software company developing unique solutions in the MR space. Future applications are poised to revolutionize neuroimaging methods.

achieve high quality MRI data using FIRMM

Solving the most prevalent source of
artifacts in MRIs: Motion.

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What FIRMM stands for:

  • FFully
  • IIntegrated
  • RReal-time
  • MMRI
  • MMonitoring


FIRMM Features

Some of the features added to the latest FIRMM software release:

  • Computes patient head motion in real-time
  • Displays actionable motion data to the technologists via a tablet, reducing the need for excess scanning
  • Provides biofeedback to the patient about their head motion via an MRI A/V system, empowering patients to self-regulate movement


Of fMRI Scans Are Affected By Motion1


> $115,000

Saved Per Scanner Per Year1



Reduction In Unnecessary Repeat Scans1



Estimated Time Savings2

Group 571


Of Inpatient And/or Emergency Department MR Exams Have Significant Motion Artifacts1

1: Andre JB et al., 2015
2: Dosenbach, N.U.F. et al., 2017

Coming Soon: A Fun Way to Promote Patient Stillness!


Evidence suggests that anesthesia can have negative effects on neurodevelopment in young children.3

FIRMM-pix (patient in-bore xperience) combines gamification and entertainment to help patients stay still during an MRI and potentially avoid sedation.

Come see a demo at ASNR 2022, in New York City!

3 Sanders et al., 2013; Andropoulos and Greene, 2017; Coleman et al., 2017

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It’s rare to see the combination of scientific research and commercial opportunity come together in a way that can benefit so many patients. Our talented team at NOUS Imaging is developing innovative MRI software solutions that will usher in a paradigm shift in neuroimaging.

Ken Bruener

CEO, NOUS Imaging