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NOUS Imaging is a transformational medical imaging software company developing unique solutions in the MR space. Future applications are poised to revolutionize the way MR images are acquired and utilized in both adult and pediatric populations. The NOUS mission is to deliver cost-effective imaging enhancements, establish next generation data analytics, and create a new patient-centric experience in the MR suite.

Solving Motion Problems

Uncorrected Motion in MR Imaging, Solved

Imperceptible and uncorrected motion remains one of the most problematic factors in MRI imaging. An American College of Radiology study concluded that $115,000 a year is lost per scanner, and Nous Imaging research has revealed that as many as 20-25% of head scans must be repeated due to motion.

FIRMM can provide real-time monitoring and biofeedback that addresses the significant problem of patient motion during brain MR. The FIRMM software solution efficiently imports MR images, analyzes, and displays motion data in real-time, enabling the operator and patient to become aware of head motion during scanning – ultimately supporting workflows, motion reduction, and scanning efficiency.


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