FIRMM Technology

FIRMM provides real-time monitoring and biofeedback technology that addresses the significant problem of patient motion during brain MR. The FIRMM software solution efficiently imports MR images, analyzes, and displays motion data in real-time, enabling the operator and patient to become aware of head motion during scanning - ultimately supporting workflows, motion reduction, and scanning efficiency.

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Eliminating Motion, One of the Most Prevalent Sources of Artifact in fMRI Scans

How It Works

Touch Screen Interface

FIRMM uses the MR images directly and does not require a camera or other complicated sensing hardware to be installed in your MRI scanner.

Video Integration

The FIRMM Patient Biofeedback is compatible with a wide range of video display configurations and interfaces seamlessly with your in-bore audio-visual system.

Motion Visualization

FIRMM can measure and display movements less than 1 mm. FIRMM technology enables the operator and the patient to control involuntary motions they may not be aware of.

MRI Data Quality, Solved by FIRMM

Solving the most prevalent source of artifacts in MRIs: Motion.

Some subjects make it easy to collect high quality data.

Some subjects make it difficult to collect high quality data.

With most, it’s hard to tell just by looking. Enter FIRMM.

Here's what you can do

FIRMM Features

Some of the features added to the latest FIRMM software release:

  • View framewise displacement calculations (movement) in real-time
  • See the quality of your data at a glance
  • Predict how much scan time you will need to collect quality data
  • Stop scanning when your goals are met

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