Got Motion? Get FIRMM.

Fully Integrated Real-Time MRI Monitoring

FIRMM provides real-time monitoring and biofeedback technology that addresses the significant problem of patient motion during brain MR. The FIRMM software solution efficiently imports MR images, analyzes and displays motion data in real-time, enabling the operator and patient to become aware of head motion during scanning – ultimately supporting workflows, reducing motion, and scanning efficiency.

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How FIRMM works

Solutions Intuitive


The FIRMM tablet has a touch screen with an easy to use GUI, allowing for minimal training time for scanner operators. FIRMM also automatically saves a log file per session, so there is no need to worry about actively saving a session.

Solutions Simple


FIRMM does not require a camera or other complicated sensing hardware to be installed in your current MRI scanner.

Solutions Full Video Integration

Full Video Integration

The FIRMM patient biofeedback is compatible with a wide range of video display configurations and integrates seamlessly with your in-bore A/V system.

Solutions Motion Mitigation

Motion Mitigation

FIRMM can measure and display movements <1mm. FIRMM technology enables the operator and the patient to control motion they may not be aware of.

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Solving the most prevalent source of artifacts in MRIs: MOTION

Motion causes “overscanning” which drastically increases the cost and duration of brain MRIs.2

2 Dosenbach, N.U.F. et al., 2017

FIRMM calculates and displays real-time motion
information for the MR Technologist and patient.

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MR technologist

The FIRMM Software​ ingests, normalizes and
analyzes images and then determines quality
metrics in real-time.

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This Patient Biofeedback meter is shown
during the scan so the patient can adjust
behavior in real-time.

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Time to make “holding still” fun with FIRMM-pix*

*coming soon

FIRMM-pix: the immersive in-bore experience for patient stillness

Motion-induced image degradation remains a significant weakness of brain MRIs. A method for coping with motion is to anesthetize patients, particularly children who are most likely to move, despite potential long-term risks.

FIRMM-pix is an alternative solution that combines gamification and biofeedback to minimize patient motion and improve brain MRI data quality.

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Three FIRMM-pix game experiences**

**renderings are not final and subject to change


Friendly Forest

Welcome to the Friendly Forest! Here, the child gets to view enchanted creatures that are interacting with their environment and objects that they get to select themselves! But watch out! Those animals don’t like when the child moves within the bore. They will go into hiding, and their chances of viewing a special creature will vanish! Once the child goes back to being still, the creatures will come back and interact with the environment.

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It’s time to explore the fabled Lumacave! In this experience, the child is following the glowing trail through the cave, and experiences the majestic environment that is ever changing. The longer they stay still, the higher the chance they will get to see a rare item, and experience new environments. However, if the cave notices the child moving around too much, the vignette will indicate and guide the child to hold more still to continue the illuminating experience.

Group 552

Puppy Dreams

All this puppy wants to do is to take a nap. The child in the bore of the MR can help it dream as well! A movie short can be selected and will be played within the middle of the screen. If the child continues to stay still, the movie will continue. However, we don’t want to wake the puppy up! The child will do just that, if they start to move. So let’s stay still and let the puppy dream!

Please reach out to the team at NOUS, to learn more about FIRMM and/or FIRMM-pix!